Physical Training

Each month, Senior Master Schreiber's training focuses on different areas of the Songahm Taekwondo curriculum.

Senior Master Schreiber also maintains his physical fitness with a variety of training activities: Mountain biking, weight lifting, stretching, jumping rope, etc.

This chart lists the curricula on which Senior Master Schreiber focused each month while training to be a Senior Master:

  Songahm Taekwondo Weapons & Self-Defense
August Songahm 1-2 (form & one-steps) Single ssahng jeol bong & single bahng mahng ee
September Songahm 3-4 (form & one-steps) Double ssahng jeol bong
October Songahm 5 (form & one-steps) & In Wha 1 Double bahng mahng ee
November In Wha 2 & Choong Jung 1 Ssahng nat
December Choong Jung 2 Jahng bong (mid-range)
January Color belt sparring drills 1-6 Jahng bong (long-range)
February Color belt board breaking Jee pahng ee & sam dan bong
March color belt certification course Protech forms
April Shim Jun & Jung Yul Single and double combat weapons sparring
May Chung San & Sok Bong Pressure Points Control Tactics (PPCT) and Sexual Harassment, Assault and Rape Prevention (SHARP) or Krav Maga
June Chung Hae & Jahngsoo Joint locks & knife defense
July Black belt certification course Protech open hand