Core Values for My Business

  • Integrity - we align actions with words, and when we say we will do something, we do it
  • Accountability - we hold ourselves to a high standard and we encourage constructive feedback
  • Consistency - we treat everyone fairly without favoritism
  • Inspiration - we model the behavior we want to see in our students
  • Motivation - we challenge our students to exceed their own expectations
  • Professionalism - we do not let personal issues interfere with our job performance
  • Collaboration - we work in partnership with parents to help their children learn and grow

Personal Core Values

  • Education - I continuously seek opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills
  • Vision - I have a clear sense of where I want to be and how I plan to get there
  • Action - I take concrete steps every day to realize my vision
  • Family - I value my time with my wife and children, and I prioritize their needs
  • Service - I help those with fewer advantages than me
  • Humility - I do not let my ego get in the way of my goals
  • Fitness - I keep myself physically healthy and strong (mens sana in corpore sano)

"Service is the rent we pay for living"
– Marian Wright Edelman, Children’s Defense Fund founder